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D-Day 59 Sigil crypto

D-Day 59 – dedicated to the cryptoworld. The oldest crypto fund founded in 2018, Sigil, based in Gibraltar, will be presented. You can expect two benefits: an update on what’s new in the segment and then, if the topic appeals, an opportunity to invest through the Venture Club. The presenters will be Mr. Pavel Stehno (CEO) and Mr. Martin Bartuska (Investor Relations). The fund was recommended to us by Radim Svatoň (full member and VC investor), who has already had a positive personal experience with them.

Sigil is a fully regulated fund for qualified investors that offers investment in a select portfolio of cryptocurrencies and earns additional returns from decentralized finance (DeFi). Sigil regularly outperforms the PwC benchmark of regulated crypto funds, making it one of the best performing funds in the world.

Pavel Stehno, CEO of Sigil Fund
Pavel has 16 years of experience in management and finance, including 3 years in PwC’s M&A team. Prior to founding the Sigil Fund, he served for 7 years as COO of, the largest poker affiliate company in the world. He was also involved in its $50 million sale to Playtech.

More information on the project can be found in the Investments section (after logging into the club’s website and including downloadable materials). We recommend you watch the presentations in advance to better prepare your questions. We always publish the materials a few days before the presentation.


17:00 – 18:00 introduction of participants, commentary on new developments in the club, Factoring ZEBRA

18:00 – 20:20 Sigil Crypto Fund, Pavel Stehno, CEO and Martin Bartuska, Investor Relation


D-Day is available to VENTURE CLUB members ON-LINE and IN PERSON, but only after logging in below and signing an NDA. For members with basic membership only after payment of the entrance fee, no matter if they attend in person or online. Light refreshments provided.

For non-club members: If you want to come, we recommend it is preferable to do at least a basic membership. However, you can buy a ticket without a membership – if you register for the club without a membership and then sign our NDA by email. If you are thinking of investing realistically and this type of investing is suitable for you, the entry fee and membership is a small price to pay. Thank you for your understanding.

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