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Den D 48 Factoryard1842

D-Day 48 will present: a development project for the use of an old factory – an interesting architectural feat where lofts, a hotel and spa facilities will be built. We liked the project, want to check the reaction of the membership base and are considering opening it. We were approached by the owner’s intention, and his letter from the summer ago began as follows:

I am a long-time owner of a historic industrial site in the Giant Mountains and would like to give it a new dignified role by converting it into a leisure resort. This is not a classic reconstruction, but literally an adaptation of the original buildings for new functions and the addition of modern technologies. The basic principle is respect for the factory, nature and the surrounding environment. We will not make any significant structural modifications to the buildings, but rather adapt the new functions to the existing layout. As a result, there will be a minimum of new building materials, no concrete, etc. We want to make the most of what is there today and preserve the character of this charming factory. The factory itself is also very unique – it was originally built in 1842 as a grain mill, but later became a textile mill, so it is the only one in Europe that stands on a hill and has a specifically pleasant layout of buildings in the form of a kind of micro-town, with two ponds, a large park and several small squares. Thanks to its location, there are beautiful long views to all sides of the world (even to Sněžka:) and it feels like “every day is Sunday”. In addition, geophysical surveys and data in the archives have shown that there are abundant thermal aquifers directly below the site. We have a valid building permit, an architect, a construction supervisor, a skilled construction company, etc., and we have the necessary business and operational models and partners ready.

More information on the project can be found in the Investments section, including downloadable materials shortly before the event. We recommend you watch the presentation in advance, to better prepare your questions.


17:00 – 17:50 introduction of members, project news

17:50 – 18:00 Break

18:00 – 20:30 Presentation, D-Day project 48 Factoryard1842, Dušan Barnáš, owner of the site and the project for its revitalization

D-Day is available to VENTURE CLUB members ON-LINE and IN PERSON, however only after logging in below and signing an NDA. For members with basic membership only after payment of the admission fee, no matter if attending in person or online. Light refreshments provided. No entry for non-members, apologies.

If you wanted to come as a guest, you need to have at least a basic membership – then it’s sign in. Or visit us at one of our open events for non-members, Friday club morning or at a presentation.

We look forward to seeing you there.

Petr Šedivý

Park Atrium u spol. 2N, Pod Vinicí 2028/20, Praha 12

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