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General Meetings of Club Societies and the Committee of the Association

Dear partners and members of Venture Club z.s., individual general meetings of all club companies are scheduled for June 14. Please count on them. All members will still receive an invitation by email. However, as a framework:

Agenda: approval of the 2021 profit and loss, usually minor losses of SPV companies. The documents can be consulted in advance at the companies’ headquarters, daily 8am-3pm, weekdays, from 1 June to 6 March inclusive, or at the venue of the general meetings, always before the meeting.

Venue: Park Atrium, Modřany, Prague 4

Start time: between 16:20 and 20:20, in small intervals. General Meetings are open to all shareholders of a given company, regardless of whether or not they have voting rights (some share certificates are not endowed with voting rights or are not taken up). The Society’s Final Committee is open to all members of the Society, although only members of the Society’s Committee vote. Generally, if a sufficient number of members or associates do not meet, a substitute general meeting is called at a minimum interval, and a quorum is then present in any number (unless otherwise provided in the bylaws ).

The general meetings of the companies will be held successively:

15:15 Klíčanka CD s.r.o. (private)

15:45 Venture Club Invest s.r.o. (private)

16:20 ABC Space s.r.o. (PetExpert, for shareholders and investors of the fund)

16:40 ABC Space Be s.r.o. (Behavee, for shareholders, and fund investors)

17:00 Venture Club LF s.r.o. (LaFluence, also for prospective partners with unassumed KL, and investors of the fund)

17:30 Venture Club Charging s.r.o. (Greenbuddies Charging, also for prospective partners with non-assumed KL)

18:00 Venture Club ZBR s.r.o. – no AGM, just acquaintance with the results of the AGM of 13.6. (previously ABC Space OCEANS s.r.o. , ZEBRA GROUP, information for future shareholders with non-assumed KL).

18:30 Venture Club z.s. (committee and members of the association)

(Venture Club ERC s.r.o. and Venture Club SPV1 s.r.o. do not have a general meeting – the companies were established this year)

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Advance registration is required (one registration is sufficient, even if you are attending multiple events). If you have your Tribal Charter with you – you must present it at the AGM (if you do not have it in the club’s custody). Otherwise you will not be allowed to vote. Prospective members with unclaimed share certificates are not allowed to vote – but are still welcome to do so. In general: only shareholders with assumed share certificates endowed with voting rights may vote. Thank you for your understanding.

Mr. Petr Šedivý, Ing. Radim Horák, Managing Directors

In Prague, 25.5.2022

Park Atrium u spol. 2N, Pod Vinicí 2028/20, Praha 12

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