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Summer Holiday Event 2 – Štefánik Observatory

Summer Holiday Event 2 – Štefánikova Friends, on August 15 we will meet at the Štefánikova Observatory in Petřín, one of three places in Prague where you can usually see the sky. (The second place is the Planetarium in Stromovka, which is undergoing extensive reconstruction – you won’t be able to go there until autumn 2024.) The observatory’s exposition and dome with telescopes are open for observation, as well as programmes for children and the public in the observatory’s cinema hall. We were intrigued by the half-hour shows TIME ZERO and 5 PLANET (and we’ll be playing 5 Planet at the club event).

If you come, you’ll learn more about our current knowledge of the origin of the universe and its future evolution. We will be introduced to current theories of the universe as a whole as well as a glimpse into the world of particles and experiments at CERN. We will cover topics such as the Big Bang, the Big Crunch, relic radiation, quantum physics, cosmology, relativity, the origin of the solar system, planets, and extraterrestrial life. More on,

We asked the head of the Stefanik Observatory, Tomáš Prosecký, RNDr. He told us:

“Typically, the tour takes place in such a way that you see the show at the beginning, then you go to see the observatory. We don’t go in castle mode (organized tour), but rather in gallery mode (you walk around freely), where the most interesting things (the telescopes) are manned by our guides, who operate the telescopes and tell you about what you see in them. Typically, a visit (if the weather is clear) lasts only about an hour and a half.”

After the interpretation and tour, we will visit the well-known Strahov Brewery, where we will have something good to eat and drink. (There will be three meals to choose from, to be confirmed in time with those who sign up.) And of course, we will talk about what’s new.


17:20 meeting at the Štefánik Observatory in Petřín

17:30 – 19:00 tour of the observatory

19:15 Strahov Brewery, dinner

Advance registration required, the price includes the program at the observatory and refreshments at the brewery. For club members: Regular (full) membership up to two tickets per person included in the price of membership, for “Basic – Economic” membership one ticket included in the price of membership, additional tickets then in the category guests / non-members admission 600 CZK (full admission, payment in advance required).

Brewery capacity exhausted, registrations closed as of 11.8.2023. If you want to come to the observatory – you are welcome anyway. Space in the brewery is only if someone cancels, though. Thank you for your understanding.

Have a nice summer and see you here, or at the latest from September, when the standard programme – a combination of investment and social and educational events – will run again.


Petr Šedivý