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Summer Holiday Event – Břevnov Monastery Brewery

Friends, on 16.8. we will meet at Břevnov (the event is confirmed and booked for 30 people) – we will start with a tour of the brewery and an informed talk about everything related to it. Then there will be refreshments (order one of the three dishes you want downstairs) and we can stay until maybe 11pm.

We recommend, before the event you can walk around the grounds, there is a beautiful monastery garden (park) and it has a garden pavilion with a gallery. You can visit the church of the monastery.


Everything is arranged with the brewer of the Brevnov brewery. The tour of the brewery will be from 6 pm, each person pays 200Kč/person, lasts about 50 minutes. We will see the historical cellars, the brewhouse, the brewhouse, some 10 minutes film, tasting.

From 7 pm we are in the monastery cellar. We have reservations for 30 people, you can choose your meal: 1. confit duck leg, white and red cabbage, dumplings, or 2. butterflied zander, zucchini salad, boiled potato, or 3. vegetarian choice: pumpkin risotto. Drinks: 2 drinks per person (calculated as 2 beers, i.e. 2×55) . Attractions from the Břevnov Monastery: gardens, tour of the temple and crypt, etc. In the Orangery in the garden there is a Gallery, open Thursday to Sunday 12-6 pm. Address.

Guided tours are provided and we look forward to an interesting interpretation and, most importantly, a pleasant meeting with all of you. I’m sure we’ll talk about new projects 😉

As usual, entry after registration in advance. For club members 1 ticket per person included in the price for “Basic” membership, 2 for “Regular” membership. For non-members, admission is 500 CZK, refreshments included. Brewery entrance fee: 200 CZK cash paid by each person.

ATTENTION, the number of participants is limited to 30 and it is advisable to register early, deadline 12.8. morning.

Have a nice summer and see you on 16.8. The standard programme will run again from September, including breakfasts and usually two evening events per month.


Petr Šedivý and Radim Horák

Břevnovský klášterní pivovar, Markétská 28/1, Praha 6

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