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Tokenisation and Alzheimer’s disease

We are dedicating the evening to two specific investment opportunities in funding research and treatment for Alzheimer’s disease, through the issuance of custom cryptocurrency and tokens. It’s actually a practical demonstration of the use of the blochchain.

Coming up, Agora Pharmaceuticals (flyer) a biotech pharmaceutical company founded in 2015, dedicated to research and development of new drugs in the field of Alzheimer’s disease. They currently have three drug substances. They use tokens for funding. The Agora Pharmaceuticals (AGR) security token was created to provide the necessary capital to cover the costs associated with the research of the compounds and the costs associated with the clinical trials of the drugs.

Presented by Jan Pavlik, MD, MBA, CEO of AlzheimerChain, healthcare consultant and former commercial director of the company. Biogen Czech Republic, and Radek Zejda, Executive Director spol. MageXo. They will be complemented by an expert on Alzheimer’s disease. Among the guests will be also an expert on cryptocurrencies and blockchain and their great promoter Karel Fillner.

AlzheimerChain Foundation Ltd (flyer) – founded in January 2020. The main objective of the company is the organization, management and supervision of the AlzheimerChain project, which consists of 3 main parts:

  1. AlzheimerChain – a security token through which the company raises funds.
  2. AlzheimerCoin – utility coin, the main purpose of which is to reward and motivate active participants in the project
  3. AlzheimerChain app, focusing on screening activities, verbal tests, questionnaires, artificial intelligence in MRI assessment, physical activity and cognitive training.

The evening will therefore have two parts – the first one focusing on Alzheimer’s disease, clinical trials of new drugs and software development to help (potentially) ill people. The second part will explain how cryptocurrencies and tokenization can help in this case, and how one can not only help a charitable cause, but also make money from it.

The evening is online, register below or email as usual. Free entry, for those who register – you will receive a link to sign up before the event.

Venture club

Microsoft Teams Meeting, online, Praha 1

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