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VC Blockchain Fund pays 24.6%

Venture Club Blockchain Fund (VCBF) invested about CZK 9 million (USD 402,000) in Rockaway Blockchain Fund, a Rockaway company, last year. After about 8 months, investors are now receiving their first payout, returning 23.4% of their deposits.

Those who follow the information in the Invest club platform and the updates on the VCBF investment have an idea. There is a very good deal on the background. One of the fund’s 50 or so positions – Solana – brought about 10% of the position held to $30 million when sold. And still – Rockaway Blockchain Fund is gradually buying more positions and making more capital calls – “calling in” investors’ contracted money. At the same time, it pays out the proceeds received from the sale. Currently, the two operations have come together. Simply put, we had $100k sent and $103k received. After conversion to the crown, the investors will thus split over CZK 2.2 million in the Venture Club – accounting in the form of a return of the deposit. Let’s see, will the same happen again this year 😉 ?
Of course, cryptocurrencies are a very risky area of investing, with a lot of volatility. On the other hand, there is still an expectation of growth of the segment in the order of 300x in the coming years. That’s why last year we decided to invest in cryptocurrency infrastructure – the increasing volume realized in cryptocurrencies and blockchain projects needs a background in exchanges, in trading and holding tools, in record keeping. Banks and states are also starting to take notice of blockchain for real-world use for immutable record keeping. The industry is growing extremely.
After a year, we can say: the investment in the Rockaway Blochchain Fund and the diversification of risk in an interesting area has borne its first fruits. It is not impossible that we will invest in a similar fund again this year. Would you be interested? Would you? Register your membership.

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