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Venture Club 2022

2022 was a very successful year. Our investor membership grew – 75 members joined and we are now 244. Last year we invested over CZK 90 million in five projects. The investment in the ZEBRA GROUP car factory and ERC robots was completed. We continued to invest in the startup LaFlunce and the battery manufacturer HE3DA, both in the form of convertible loans on interesting terms. Cooperation with Rockaway in the field of blockchain continues. The biggest event, however, was the successful sale of PetExpert to the US Trupanion insurance company after five years. (The third successful investment of the club, after the sold out development project of Klíčanka apartments and the excellent entry into the Rockaway Blockchain Fund1, where we already have deposits back with a small return.)

In 2022, you could read about us in Golf magazine, we published investment commentaries in E15, and Euro wrote about us. More news portals picked up more press releases – whether on the topic of investments (ZEBRA GROUP, ERC Robots) or team expansion (CFO Petr Stepanek). The LinkedIn group or the non-public Facebook group is growing well.

We have a new faster and bilingual website, we are preparing better mobile support. Of course, we have electronic signing of documents, card payments and an excellent regular non-public information service for members on invested projects.

The motto of the club is good service and good stewardship of the funds entrusted to us. An example of this is the participation of club representatives in the supervisory boards of invested companies. Together we invest, diversify and share in the business results of the investee companies.

Thank you for your trust. We wish you continued success in 2023 and look forward to further cooperation.

Petr Šedivý

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