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Venture Club invested USD 1 million in SANEZOO

Venture Club investors supported a deep-tech startup, the Brno company SANEZOO, with an investment of over CZK 26 million. The company deals with machine vision and demanding quality control of matte and glossy surfaces. Another application for the use of own hardware – cameras and lights – in combination with software with AI is the removal of parts for robots of all world brands. After five years of operation, the company receives investment for further development, for example for customers in the USA. It is approaching the black numbers and it seems that within 4-5 years it could be interesting for larger global players in the automation of production lines.

Thanks to the volume of the investment and the ability to help the company with further management or consultations for more efficient development, Venture Club investors won a seat on the company’s board of directors. It thus provides a high-quality information service for club members.

Those interested could read about entry from 16.8. in the issued press release. The media wrote about us, for example, on 17.10. here. Mr. Luboš Brzobohatý was the CEO of the project in BYZNY24 on ČT24 on November 16, 2023, the recording is here. You can find a description of the project in the Investments section.

Note: until December 2023, the club invested additional funds in SANEZOO. The total volume for the club is thus approx. 37 million CZK.

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