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Venture Club investors put funding into robotics and industrial automation

Prague, June 6, 2022 – Members of Venture Club z.s. through Venture Club Invest s.r.o. are expanding their investment activities into the field of robotics and the development of industrial automation. The Venture Club has established cooperation with CCOE s.r.o., which is planning a robotics centre project. As part of this activity, the companies agreed on a loan of CZK 5 million, which was also an investment opportunity for Venture Club members. The requested amount was fulfilled within a week and negotiations are currently underway to discuss the possibility of a further increase in funding and therefore another investor opportunity.

In the case of the CCOE European Robotics Centre project, this is a convertible loan with a very interesting appreciation for two years, secured by a receivable registered in the Land Registry. After this time, the investment club will decide whether to use the conversion into a share or take the interest and principal. CCOE Ltd. will use the money to support and implement the European Robotics Centre project, which will provide the company with production and supply for partners who are addressing robotics in industrial logistics.

Petr Šedivý, CEO of Venture Club Invest s.r.o. and chairman of the Venture Club z.s. board says: “New opportunities for cooperation and investment are always a great challenge for us. We visited CCOE s.r.o. in its Hostivař plant, where we saw the work the company does live. They function as a very capable design office with really great potential. We are confident in the European Robotics Centre project and are pleased to be able to provide this investment opportunity to our club members – through a loan through the SPV company Venture Club ERC, ready for future acquisition.”

CCOE Ltd. is a technology company that focuses on enterprise logistics of materials and products using electromechanical and robotic equipment. It works on research and development at the prototype level and designs techno-industrial solutions for the manufacturing and light engineering industries. As part of the European Robotics Centre project, the company plans to focus on the development and production of a multi-axis robotic arm and liftpoint for OMRON robots.

“The current technological trend is clear and the partial replacement of human labour, specially in the logistics industry, is more than suitable. Thanks to the investor involvement of Venture Club ERC, we have the opportunity to invest in development and production and meet the demand of our partners. We believe that the cooperation with Venture Club will not end after two years and we will find further investment opportunities,” says Jaroslav Šobr, Chief Designer CCOE s.r.o.

About Venture Club Invest:

Venture Club z.s. is an investment and social club of investors and those interested in investments, which brings together 200 members in an online investment platform operated by the club’s service organization, Venture Club Invest s.r.o. The group focuses on finding, organizing, co-managing investments, social and educational activities, and facilitates networking for its members. Since 2016, over 390 million CZK of investments have passed through the group. Among the projects invested are PetExpert, a general health insurance for dogs and cats, Klíčanka, a development project for 108 apartments, LaFluence, a project for influencers and brands, and ZEBRA Group, an automotive company.


CCOE s.r.o. is a Czech technology company, founder of CCOE Industrial Lab., which focuses on corporate logistics of materials and products. It develops electromechanical and robotic equipment. It can determine the economic benefits for the customer in advance as part of the solution. Products include the design and development of industrial automation, robotic solutions or special machines for the chemical or food industry.

The subject of the business is research and development to prototype level and the design of technological industrial solutions in the manufacturing, automotive and light engineering industries. The company’s technology designs include a robotic cycloid gearbox, a bispherical joint, logistics solutions using transport AGV robots including design and prototyping, as well as a special reactor for interesterification of margarine with multi-zone mixing. The company owns the rights to Lift-Point® peripherals and equipment, which are used to create specific solutions for the company’s material and product transport system.

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