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We are already building the first floor – or Klíčanka is finally on sale!

There’s nothing like taking a project you invest in to the next stage towards a successful conclusion. We currently have two such projects underway. After the first mentioned project of dog and cat insurance – Pet Expert, our first ever project in which we invested as Venture Club z.s. – Klíčanka Housing Complex – has moved further.

It is 100 housing units in 12 buildings in the village of Klíčany, a 15-minute drive from the centre of Prague. The construction is progressing according to plan and now the first floor of the houses of our future apartment complex is already growing. Although the project has been delayed due to the change of housing passports and the modernization of the original plans, the result is not a loss but a bonus for the investors. Why? Because, thanks to this, the whole project has acquired a more modern phase and the apartments and the whole neighbourhood will get a bigger better modern face. Compared to the original plan, the number of parking spaces has increased, additional balconies have been added, and the ground floor apartments have been given their own garden. In addition, quality kitchens have been provided, which the future owners can adapt to their taste and choose from more than 30 colour combinations and materials.

The project is currently collecting reservations for individual apartments and we can even tell you that they are in talks with a housing association that is interested in buying several of the houses under construction. To date, we have already signed 47 pre-reservations! So we are currently almost halfway through the offer, which we are all very happy about. When will the apartments be ready for occupation? The first apartment approvals are expected in mid-2019. If you would like to find out more, there is nothing easier than to check out the updated website, where you will find all the information about the current status of the project, the apartment standards, current photos of the construction work, or the final visualization of the project after completion.
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